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l   叶片采用铝合金材质,美观、大气、还具有很强的防腐蚀功能。

l   可根据叶片翻转角度获得不同遮阳采光效果。

l   叶片关闭紧密,两侧独特排水槽,有效防雨。

l   特殊场合与消防联动相结合,可排烟散热。

l   百叶颜色可根据客户的要求而定。

l   户外车库、户外休闲场所的首选遮阳系统。



l   Aluminum alloy blade, elegant, graceful and strong anti-corrosion function.

l   Adjustable opening angle bring various sunshade effect.

l   Waterproof structure design with special drainage grooves.

l   Smoke ventilation with fire protection system, in emergency, smoke systems can work automatically and it will keep Max opening space to exhaust smoke in short time.

l   Especially suitable for outdoor parking, outdoor leisure venues.


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