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Product Introduction

Single open area can be 5 square meters, the sliding skylights can open with a big area when put them together, thus can solve problems caused by traditional smoke exhaust skylight,  such as: high cost, poor waterproof, small opening area , etc.

Applicable places: Mainly be used for fire smoke exhaust skylight of large-scale public places, airports, office towers, sun rooms, sloping skylight of villa &retractable roofs.


l  平移天窗采用电动平移开启,最大有效开启面积可达到90%,开启幅度随心所欲。

l  单体之间插接设计,易装、易取、易维修、易更换,整体安全稳定可靠性设计,保证使用寿命长达10年以上。

l  独有的外接直流电源系统,可保证外接电源方便使用,瞬间制动能力,即时克服动力系统惯性。安全的低压直流电源,稳定性能好。

l  电动系统全隐藏设计,外观豪华气派。电源,控制一体化设计,结构紧凑。手动开关和遥控开关分开设计,保证多功能开启方式。

l  独特的结构设计防水防雨设计,确保不漏水。可以配备内置纱窗,光洁靓丽,豪华气派,电动遥控启闭,通风效果好,隔音理想。



Product Introduction

    Electric translational open, maximum effective opening area can reach 90%, the opening range is free to control.

    Mutually inserted monomer, easy to install, easy to take, easy to repair, and easy to replace, overall security and stability. The product life can reach10 years.

    The unique external DC power supply system, which can ensure the external power be convenient to use. Instant braking ability to overcome the inertia of power system.

    Hidden design, luxurious appearance, integrated control design. The manual switch and the remote control switch is designed separately, ensure the multifunctional opening mode.

    Waterproof structure design. Can be equipped with a built-in screen window, which looks smooth, beautiful &luxurious. Electric remote control with good ventilation and sound insulation.


We can design various electric sliding sunroof, electric flat push sunroof &electric sliding roof according to the customer needs. It will be especially cost-effective if you want large area roof.







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